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All our products are covered under blue scope warranty and Colourbond warranty*.
Victorian Garages & Barns is Proudly Shed Safe Accredited and a Licenced Distributor of Fair Dinkum Sheds.

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Welcome to Victorian Garages & Barns, your top destination for garages in Mickleham! With our proficient team of experienced builders, we commit to providing robust and cost-effective outdoor storage solutions suited to the specific needs and requirements of our valued customers. We’ve built our reputation on crafting structures with unparalleled durability thanks to our use of high-quality galvanised steel materials.

Custom-Made Barns Mickleham

Our expertise doesn’t stop at garages. We proudly offer bespoke barns tailored to the needs of the Mickleham community. Whether you require a barn for storing farm machinery or housing livestock, our dependable team can create a secure, spacious home for your property.

Boasting resilience against Victoria’s extreme weather conditions, our barns are perfect for storing prized possessions and precious livestock in a safe environment. Reach out today to explore the ways we can enhance your farm or personal space.

Taking inspiration from the neighbouring areas such as Gisborne and Kilmore, which are known for their high-end barns, we aim to bring similar quality and design to the people of Mickleham.

Reliable Sheds Mickleham

Need a reliable shed in Mickleham to safeguard your tools or personal belongings? At Victorian Garages & Barns, we create custom sheds tailored to your requirements. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, ensuring your new shed is designed and installed exactly to your liking.

Modelled after the high-quality sheds popular in nearby areas such as Broadford and Kinglake West, we bring the same level of craftsmanship and durability to the sheds we build in Mickleham.

Carports Mickleham for Superior Protection

When it comes to upgrading your home with a stylish and durable carport, think of Victorian Garages & Barns! With our vast experience and technical expertise, we design, supply, and install residential carports.

Developed from the distinctive Colourbond colours, our carports blend seamlessly with your existing home structure, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Our comprehensive range of carports extends from straightforward designs to more complex structures, mimicking the beautiful designs popular in surrounding areas like Moranding and Romsey.

Top-Tier Patios Mickleham

We don’t just stop at carports and garages. Victorian Garages & Barns also supplies and installs an array of home-improvement structures including patios. Regardless of your budget or requirements, our skilled team crafts patios, awnings, and pergolas that will raise the value of your property along with providing a satisfying outdoor living area.

Mirroring the style and quality seen in Sunbury, our patios are built to add class and comfort to your home.

High-Quality Water Tanks Mickleham

As part of our broad range of services, we supply and install first-rate water tanks across Mickleham. Sourced from leading suppliers like Polymaster, our tanks range from slimline designs to large rural models and are accompanied by efficient tank pumps and reliable water filters.

Why Choose Victorian Garages & Barns for Garages Mickleham?

In choosing Victorian Garages & Barns, you’re investing in quality. Some of our unique selling points include:

  • Expert Consultation and Advice – Right from the initial conversation, our team is dedicated to understanding your specifications and guiding you to the best solution for your needs.
  • Wide Range of Services – Be it garages, barns, sheds, or patios; we have you covered with our extensive service range.
  • High-Quality Materials – We use superior construction materials to guarantee a durable and long-lasting structure.
  • Customised Solutions – We see each project as unique, offering personalised solutions.
  • Excellent Customer Service – We give high priority to customer satisfaction and service.

How to Maintain Your Garage in Mickleham

Maintaining your garage can be simple with a few steps. Regularly clean and remove any dust or cobwebs. Ensure you protect your garage from vehicle leaks by placing cardboard or a drip tray underneath your car. Periodically inspect the garage door for any damage, check weather stripping for any wear or tears, and lubricate the garage door parts such as the hinges, rollers, or tracks. If you notice any major issues, it may be worth calling a professional.

With a well-maintained garage, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean, organised space that can last for several years. For more advice or to explore our services, get in touch with us at Victorian Garages & Barns on 03 5783 4449 today!

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